Friday, April 24, 2009

Tales and the deepest wishes in life

Our dreams, ideals are deeply embedded in our nature, reflect the goals in life created by the evolution, which keep ourselves and our environment healthy and flourishing now and in the far future. So when we get a better grasp of what we dream of, we get a better ground for our functioning. Otherwise those wishes would not touch us so deep inside, would not make us dream of utter happiness. Even tales are valuable to us in helping us to build this language of emotions and dreams. Via it we can easily discern between the dangers and the roads to success. A tale kind of helps us to set general guidelines in life right. Beauty is a mark of a side of something so well that we can hardly imagine it possible.

What we term beautiful:
things that make us feel in the following way:
That's right:
I dream of building a nest to a place like that.
That would make the world my beloved.

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