Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to not to lose the soul to technique

But how to do a thing if you do have a glimpse of its soul but at the same time have a technical form to fill?
Start with the clearest intuitive idea of the soul in its pure best form, in its right place in the world which also should be conceived intuitively, inspiratedly. Then in addition pay attention to the atmosphere of that soul: to its overall atmosphere, to all its sides, to each tiny glimpse of something somewhere so that you have a landscape of atmospheres, the overall shape of which is the soul. Where you know what is what, fill in also the sensed impressions, parctical deeds etc. that produce the atmospheres in the landscape. In order to better handle the whole, arrange it spatially, to a real landscape.
Then you should take the only APPROXIMATELY right technical form and interprete it to the language of practical actions, sensed impressions, atmosphere tones etc, maybe have a glimpse of its soul. Fit that all to be a part of the atmosphere landscape, making the soul better tha in the technical form, allowing exeptions to rhythm and variation: toward more soulful, atmospheric, inspirated.
Like, if we have the example of one step forward in a pair dance, you might remember some part of your life where you had a social contact with a similar atmosphere. Stylize toward that, letting yourself be like then, teaching that view to life to your pair too, get a grasp of that way of living, of the rythm that it produces, of the ways to step gladly, show it also outside and say to yourself that it is your own impression or a variation of the mechanical "one step forward" rule. And that is it! Now you have the life in the living in the first place and the mechanical forms in the last place without having forgotten the mechanical form.

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