Friday, April 24, 2009

The human nature has it right

In the beginning of time there was only the nature and humans were a part of it. We loved life and lived in harmony with the environment and with each other.

Regardless of whether the nature is a product of the evolution or of God's infinite wisdom, it is the best possible for any task that can be build from those building blocks. Thus the natural alternatives, the natural ways of living in harmony must still be the best possible choices in the tough modern world too.
What we loved then, we still in our nature love. And what our functioning was based on, it still is. So our nature still guides us toward the same, still valid, ages old answers to life's questions.

Our nature is still completely right. We just need a good holistic picture of the world - which most nowadays lack - and everything will start to make sense once again, like it ought to.
Life will be song and dance for us again, like it was then, a long long time ago...

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