Sunday, July 5, 2009

How to find freedom inside a form

Do not fix your glance to the form. Instead be what you are, freely, unobstructedly. (For example take a walk in the nature, do things that you like, enjoy life, express yourself enough to feel free but do not reveal yourself in any way that would be dangerous, like "I like ice cream" ( most people like it) but not like "Collecting X has always been my secret love." (Others cannot share it, so they are likely to restrict you from doing it.) Seeing how you are alike with all the others: "I love Life!", you can enjoy a freedom that makes your capacity grow.) What you are is a complex thing, much more complex than the form.
Now, you can be honest but don't tell everything: You can see which sides of your life the form touches, but don't let that be all of your life even now. Live, express yourself and see where you are like the form, let that side of yourself be clearly in sight, partly guiding your actions/steps, the rest not-so-well-in-sight. Thus you can as an expression of what you are fulfill the form and at the same time live freely.
This way you can also make inspirated variations to the form: Just let your experience of life be a starting point. See which things touch feelings especially much: those are your energy, those will in their generalised form touch others too, without revealing anything about yourself personally but teaching a lot about what it is like to be a human.

These are useful skills, not just for dancing or singing, but for all of your life - in the modern environment which sets so many demands for us.