Friday, April 24, 2009

Ideal way of life

What then is the ideal way of life like? It is something like the traditional ways of American indians and of the other so called primitive cultures of the world with their close contact with the nature and with their healthy ways of living with their enormous amount of sensory stimulus and other factors which keep us healthy and fully functioning.
But that way of life has to be combined with having the technology: a portable computer, a phone, etc and importantly: modern kind of work to do. It may be that as the time passes, we will find more efficient natural ways to handle the modern work too, but for the time being we just have to combine two different types of building blocks: academically or at least school educated with the technology and natural healthy life with the nature. The latter gives us the capacity and endurancy, the former is what matters a lot in the modern world.
Still, the piece of understanding that I am offering about the value of natural ways of living and natural living environment, may make it possible to change many things in how the cities and modern societies are run, at least on the level of looks and feelings & atmospheres, and that ought to cure a lot of the nasty feelings that people have: we matter after all!

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