Friday, April 24, 2009

Great song of life

All people love music. That means that something like music is a part of the human nature.
Some few know how to compose music. They see or hear the life as music. We ourselves when we dance can see the connection of movement and music and sometimes when listening to music the connection of music and feelings – but the other way than those who compose music.
Dance is important: the body is the central part of a human being, via it we live, regardless of how intellectual or spiritual we are. Via the gesture language we express what we feel and communicate with others, via the body we do everything that we do. Our state of mind is reflected to how we keep our body and how we move.
When one is relaxed and understands the connection of the body and mind, one can see the body as music of life: our whole life is reflected in our body, in its gestures, and the body sings as sensations in our senses – as sensations which we can express by voice. The tones of voice express different kinds of states of mind. So each feeling or sensation is like a sound, like music which we can hear. And from the song of life we can choose a partial theme to be communicated by a song: a melody.

The song of life in us is what life is to us.
It is in other words what we observe,
what we experience.
The body just expresses it as music.

The songs of life of other people we can hear if we emphatice completely RELAXEDLY with their body like is usual in sports hobbies.
Ordinary music pales from the road of this natural stimulus. The whole living world becomes an enormous panorama of music, the great song of life.

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