Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finding the soul of form, in pair dance

Let's say that you do something that the technical form of what you do demands, say step one step forward in a pair dance or do whatever deed it is that you are suppodes to do. Now, generally speaking, there is some reason for you doing that deed, you reach some goal of yours by doing that deed, but why just that, why not something else?
Each deed is different, but you need a much much more complex view to the world than the technical one in order to understand why. The technical view is a means of the not-so-skilled to do better than they otherwise could, thus they gain a vague glimpse of what they ought to be doing.
Like in stepping forward you create a different kind of social situation than what you we creating by stepping backward, fleeing or leading toward yourself. So from the mechanical level of steps you have to jumb to the complexity of your social understanding as a whole and philosophy of life: what is good to do in each kind of situation and how to do it? And from the level of mechanical words "this is a step forward." you have to jumb to the complexity of natural communication by gestures and ways of doing, to the complexity of the social dynamics of the situation: who is leading each moment and in which sense?
You have to get room for yourself and for your pair. To see what is a good, nice way to do things, what also consequently looks nice, you have to take all of your intuitive understanding of life, follow it to produuce a thing of beauty, something enjoyable and worthwhile. That's the idea inside a mechanical form, that is your way to exist, that is the height of your skills and the best ground for learning more about anything.

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